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    Why is automation still not here ?

    Gregg Wenger · 0 replies · Posted

    It's almpst a year sonce I paid but still nothing here. Can you share your roadmap ? 



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    Reading list is blank on website

    monica · 0 replies · Posted

    when I go into the reading list from the website the page is blank but if  I click on a specific email from my daily digest it will bring it up on the website.

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    Not receiving my daily digests

    Jared Lindsay · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Hi, I'm on a free account since the beta, and I've stopped receiving my daily digests.

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    More unplanned maintenance?

    Derick Rodriguez · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    So here I am kicked out of my account due to unplanned maintenance. This basically prevents me from resetting passwords, finding the randomized email address I used for a website and otherwise checking emails for the duration of the downtime which has been known to be a day or more in the past.

    Could it perhaps be possible to give an explanation of what happened which forced you to take the system down? Perhaps you could even use a newsletter?

    As noted in another thread it's been more than 8 months or so since the last update. As a Pro customer,

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    i have signed up but I am not receiving any emails

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    manually generate an address for apps that are not browser based.

    Shawn Hank · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I have been a user of Throttle and Throttle Pro ever since the beginning. I love it.

    I did some looking on the forums about generating email addresses  and know about the browser extension feature. That works great, btw.

    However, there are situations where a newsletter sign up field exists in an application that was just installed. Example: I just installed Binary Nights' ForkLift 3 and the Welcome window has an email sign up request. See attached screenshot.

    What's the best way to use a Throttle generated email address in this situation?

    I know the email address generation feature requires

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    I'm not receiving my daily digests

    Mateus Rabello · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I'm not receiving my daily digests since november.
    I've already tried changing the email but nothing happened. Could you help me?


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    Can not forward to my email

    Eddie · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I have an email with an attachment which I need to get to from Throttle. I've tried forwarding that email along to my actual email account so I can get to the attachment but when I try to do so nothing happens other than a modal coming up that says "Forward message to your inbox? ... You have 5 manual forwards left today....." I click on the "Yes, forward it!" button but nothing happens. I really need to get to the contents of this email. Am I missing anything? I do see an error coming from the console:{id}/forward 400 (Bad

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    Can't install the extension on Opera

    The button for the chrome extension installation is not available while trying to install it on Opera (I have installed the Chrome-plugin first on Opera).

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    Console Errors

    Mike Bronner · 2 replies · Last reply by Mike Bronner

    I have been getting console errors for a while now while on other websites:

    ReferenceError: Can't find variable: safari
    (anonymous function) — inject.js:23
    Global Code — inject.js:248
    y — embed.nocache.js:5:195
    x — embed.nocache.js:4
    m — embed.nocache.js:10
    (anonymous function) — embed.nocache.js:11
    l — embed.nocache.js:7
    onScriptDownloaded — embed.nocache.js:11
    Global Code — DB1C13AF8BF2429936C1EB45518F274A.cache.js:1

    If I disable the extension in Safari (on macOS) the errors go away.

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    is the a way to see a demo and have a trial (1 month) before spending $99?

    Rob · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I am interested in the product but would like to see a demo and a 30 day trial before buying it.


    Please confirm.


    Thank you


    Rob Boutet

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    What does Throttle do with the visitor data?

    GoGO17 · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Throttle seems to track all pages I visit with the browser extension. Why is this? What is Throttle doing with my data?

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    Are thrott email dying after few weeks? Not receiving emails few weeks after the email creation

    Mathilde David · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Hi it seems emails are not received to an address email weeks after it has been created...

    Example: I created an email for a software I use only once every 2 months. As I could not remember my password, I clicked reset password. Never received the reset email password. 


    Why is that? It defeats the whole purpose of Throttle for me. Because it seems we cannot trust the system.

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    No Digest Emails

    Michael Pascoe · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor


    I haven't had a digest email from throttle - ever. Something must be wrong. 

    Also, I paid for professional yearly on Dec 22, but my account does not have professional functions. And given my experience with the usefulness of throttle (i've now missed an important linkedIn message because I did not get a digest email to know that it was there), I'm thinking i'd rather a refund of my profession subscription. 

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    Auto read messages

    Ryan Mathews · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    For some addresses I'd like to mark all messages as read. I only want to refer back to them on occasion (which search does well). This would make it easier for me to focus on the emails I care about and be able to read more of them in a timely fashion.

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    Service not available in Germany for more than 15 hours

    Daniel · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Since yesterday around lunch time I get the following message in web browser:

    We'll be right back!

    We're currently performing some maintenance and will be back shortly.

    And the app on iOS is showing the following error:

    JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token '<'

    What's up?!

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    Are digests available for free accounts?

    scrapisimo · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Hello. I signed up at Throttle in the beginning of 2016 but started using it just recently. I'm using the free version of Throttle and I've set up to receive digest emails at 1 pm. I however have never received an email digest. Is the digest email function also available for the free accounts? I want to update to a paid account, but I’ve sent two emails to support already and have not received a reply and also the not-receiving-digests issue is holding me up.


  • We're back.

    Alexander Obenauer · 2 replies · Last reply by Daniel

    First, I sincerely apologize for the outages you all have experienced. Second, we're back - you’ll just need to take one quick step to restore digests (and other emails) on your account.

    Throttle had an unusual volume of junk sent to random addresses on our servers since Black Friday. It was nothing that should surprise us in concept, but it certainly surprised our servers (causing the November server outages, which were fixed that month) and our email service provider, who I’ve been working with to restore deliverability.

    We have restored deliverability, but you have to re-enable emails in your reading list. Besides restoring

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    The bottom categories hidden when dragging a subscription

    Derick Rodriguez · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I have over 100 different categories for each subscription in my throttle account. When I try to move a subscription to a category toward the bottom of the list it becomes impossible because the list in the sidebar moves upward with no ability to scroll it down. I am unable to take a screenshot of the issue due to technical limitations (mouse is occupied with the dragging action), but i do have a screen of the "before" action which I can use to describe it better.

    Below is a photo of my inbox with the categories in the sidebar, now

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    Throttle doesn't work

    John McJunkins · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Since I bought throttle last month, it has not worked. I upgraded to pro because I was so excited about how wonderful this product would be, and now I know I've just wasted my $50. Don't buy this product. Not unless the developer shows some serious intention of turning this around.