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    Mobile search doesn't work!

    David Shalev · 0 replies · Posted

    I haven't been able to successfully do a search in my iphone or ipad for a few weeks now. Instead, searches return a "request timeout" error.

    Is this known and/or can we expect a fix soon?

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    Seeing how an email is categorized

    David Shalev · 0 replies · Posted

    How can I tell which category an email is in on the mobile app? I see how I can assign a category, but not how to determine what category an email is actually in.


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    Losing place in reading list

    David Shalev · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Upon finishing reading an email, the app should take me back to the same spot in the reading list where the email originally was listed. Instead it now brings me back to the top of the reading list. Since I have so many items in the list, it takes a lot of scrolling to get back to where I had left off.

    also, if I leave the app momentarily, upon returning to the app I again end up at the top of the list.

    Bottom line- would be much more helpful for throttle to maintain the reading list location and

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    Clicking link in digest email opens iPhone app

    Oscar Knights · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor


    It would be great if you could receive the digest emails, and when you want to view one of the emails within the digest, you click on that email and instead of it opening the browser, it detects that the app is installed and opens the email within the Throttle app.

    I know that other apps can do this (app store, facebook, instagram, etc.) so it would be great to include that in a future release.

    Keep the updates coming! Love the service!


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    Categories button is over title in iPhone 5s

    Giovanni Cimmino · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor


    I hope this screenshot is useful.

    Cool service!

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    Undo option

    Joshua Nieblas · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    In the what's new section, I would like an undo option. Sometimes you're going really fast and swipe one that you wanted to read.

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    On iPad adding a bookmark via the built in browser causes crash

    Brad · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    iPad only. 

    Following a link in an email will open the built-in browser. Tap the share sheet icon, then tap the Add Bookmark icon. The app then freezes. 

    The WebKit browser no longer functions, even after quitting via the app switcher.

    This also breaks the WebKit browser for other apps as well. Full reboot required to restore third party browsers.


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    Daniel Kohtes · 0 replies · Posted

    Just updated to the newest version.

    New What's new worked like a charm. Great way to get through new mails fast.

    Then I switched to Reading list and opened some older mails; mainly to get them marked as read as well. So it was a fast select mail - go back to list.

    After the third or fourth mail Throttle crashed.

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    Unable to login

    Frank · 2 replies · Last reply by Frank

    I just installed the latest beta build, 29, and it logged me out of the app. I opened the beta and saw a message saying that because I have a free account I can only acces Throttle via the web. I've never seen this message with previous builds. 
    I tapped 'ok' and was forced into the walkthrough screens. After that I'm not able to log in. I'm shown the login screen but it doesn't accept my credentials anymore. 

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    App has weird error message

    Gergő Németh · 1 reply · Last reply by Jeb

    When you guys updated your service the website went down and the app showed a weird error message:


    This is not so descriptive, you may want to have a fullscreen error view which tells that the service is down at the moment.

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    See all emails from a particular sender

    David Shalev · 3 replies · Last reply by David Webb

    Any plans to add the ability to see all emails from a particular sender in the mobile app? Maybe best way would be adding it as another choice from the long press menu (in addition to current ability to categorize, and send to inbox). 


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    App launches, but sign in button non responsive.

    Doug · 1 reply · Last reply by Jeb

    I've installed the app on an iPhone 6s and an iPad Pro (9.3.3).

    On the iPad Pro the sign-in button does not function. Restating the app and the iPad does not help.

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    Would be great if the app was 3D touch enabled, with choices of user defined categories

    David Shalev · 0 replies · Posted

    In other words, the pop up menu from the 3D touch would show user defined categories and choosing one would take the user straight to that category. I think many users would find such a feature to be quite handy (especially me!).



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    Push notifications

    Daniel · 0 replies · Posted

    If you could offer push notifications instead of the daily e-mail I could directly jump into the app at my set time and work on my new throttle mails. Would help me switch my hole workflow to my iPhone and keep one more mail to delete out of my inbox.

  • Looks already great

    Daniel · 0 replies · Posted

    Thanks for adding me to the iPhone (Beta). I really like the app. Integration with Chrome also works fine. Will add my feedback here also. Keep up the good work!

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    Sliding for read

    Daniel · 0 replies · Posted

    I would love to have a sliding function in the reading list to mark messages "read". That way I would not need to open single messages to mark as read when I don't want to use the "Mark all as read" button.

    BTW, the sliding in the other direction could be used for "send to inbox". :-)

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    Deleting unused item doesn't update list (and gives an error when deleting it a 2nd time)

    Kay Lucas · 1 reply · Last reply by Jeb

    In Access Control I've deleted an item which then pops back into the normal view where the item is still in the list. I think the resulting JSON isn't handled/doesn't update the list. 

    When I try to delete the same item again it gives me an error (see attached screenshot).

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    1Password integration would be great

    Gergő Németh · 1 reply · Last reply by Evans Thompson

    1Password extension integration would be great when logging in: