• Looks already great

    Daniel · 0 replies · Posted

    Thanks for adding me to the iPhone (Beta). I really like the app. Integration with Chrome also works fine. Will add my feedback here also. Keep up the good work!

  • New message view

    Danny Ledesma · 0 replies · Posted

    Love the new message view! Much better than the old web browser look.

  • Really enjoying the mobile app so far

    Brandon Jones · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I'm really enjoying the mobile app so far. It's not yet my preferred place to check on Throttle but I can when I need to. I posted an idea (manual generation of human readable addresses) but I'm enjoying the iPhone experience so far. No major crashes or anything to report yet.

  • Initial Feedback...

    Noah · 1 reply · Last reply by Noah

    I'm going to give you live feedback as I use the app. Opening it up... swiping through the intro screens... whoops, clicked "SIGN IN" without filling anything out because I didn't know the top area was intractable (because the previous screens were all images). Now the keyboard appears and it looks like this:


    Although, the default Apple Keyboard looks better, so might not be an issue depending on how many people use Keyboard extensions (SwiftKey, etc). Lots of room in the top to move everything up just slightly.

    I clicked Sign In, but I saw no loading indicator, I