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    Forwarding no longer works

    Tried multiple browsers, all on the a Mac with latest OS version.

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    How to default to All Messages?

    David Webb · 1 reply · Last reply by David Webb

    What's New screen isn't useful to me. I want All Messages everytime, just like I have set up in the iOS app. How can I make this happen on Desktop? Is there a cookie I can set?

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    Broken page

    Tony · 2 replies · Last reply by Steve

    Using the UX3 beta view, which I can't escape from I can only see a few messages and none of the links to *more* or categories work in Safari or chrome - if I open one of the emails shown it doesn't load properly - the style sheet isn't loading due to https: and on the page itself there are multiple react-bundle.js:20 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined errors which are probably why no links do anything.


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    Forward Digest Emails as separate email (but at the time the digest would be sent)

    StuFF mc · 0 replies · Posted

    No pun intended, but for now I'd rather stay in my native Mac Client ;) Then again, you guys did Mail Pilot, so you know what I'm talking about. The idea is that I'd like the digest to be delivered as... not a digest :) but I really don't want to receive some of those emails during work time. E.g. I have a "petition" digest which is a bunch of and else stuff which I spend time spreading the word about in the evening.

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    Why no updates?

    David Shalev · 0 replies · Posted

    I upgraded to the Pro version a few months ago in order to get access to the advertised features of the beta. Here we are almost in October and most of the features are still unavailable. I feel like the beta promotion was misleading, and no one responds to my emails at the company. 

    So, my simple and yet unanswered question remains- when, if ever, will the feature set of the beta be completed? I think those of us that stepped up and paid the relatively large upgrade price deserve an answer. 

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    UX3 Preview Request

    Mart · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi guys.  This throttle thing is a great looking product.  I'm really close to purchasing, but I'd like to see whats inside the UX3 first.

    Is there a way to get a preview before committing? - or a guarantee if the product doesn't suit?

    I've asked elsewhere here, but no response.


    Please advise, with many thanks in advance.

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    The ipad app doesn't display all emails

    David Shalev · 0 replies · Posted

    When scrolling through the email list on an ipad, sometimes the Discover New Emails orange box displays and interferes with the ability to see the underlying emails. In other words, the box doesn't display at the end of the list, but rather as I am scrolling through, which makes the experience of browsing through emails annoying. 

    Also, the app bombs out on occasion.

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    What's new emails can't be opened

    David Shalev · 4 replies · Last reply by David Shalev

    Not sure I understand the purpose of the What's New opening page in the latest mobile beta as The emails don't seem to be able to be opened from there. Am I missing something?

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    doesn't work for me in firefox - I get a "script stopped working" error

    Rich Potter · 2 replies · Last reply by Rich Potter

    I can see the top four messages, but when I try to scroll down it freezes... Firefox 48.0.1

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    Should I still see items under "Uncategorized" even after I revoked them?

    Adam Stracener · 0 replies · Posted

    If I've revoked the email shouldn't the Categories reflect what I've revoked? For example I generated an email for Asana but since revoked it. But under Categories => Uncategorized I still see an item for Asana.

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    The "Revoked On" date is way off

    Adam Stracener · 0 replies · Posted

    After revoking a address looking at it under the Revoked tab the field that says "Revoked On <date>" is way off. I revoked a dozen or so today and they all day either January or March or some other date.

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    How do you get it to default to "All Messages" instead of "What's New"?

    Noah · 0 replies · Posted

    Didn't see anything in Settings.

    1. What's New uses grid view (which I don't care for) and..

    2. I have to click a second time (on All Messages) to actually see my emails.

  • New to the UX3 Beta: What's New

    Jeb · 0 replies · Posted


    What's New has been added to the UX3 Beta!

    Easily keep track of the new emails you've received and new authorizations since the last time you opened Throttle. Read and categorize emails as you normally would directly from What's New. Any emails that you don't read get put in a 'Seen but unread' section for you to revisit later.

    All caught up? Simply press the 'Mark All As Read' email and ALL of your emails will be marked as read.

    Another newly added feature is the ability to categorize and manage a recently generated address before it receives any

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    Renaming a category

    David Shalev · 1 reply · Last reply by Jeb

    Can't seem to be able to rename a category in the beta. Am I missing something?

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    Is there a way to recover revoked emails?

    Noah · 1 reply · Last reply by Noah

    I accidentally revoked an email address just as I was supposed to receive an important email to said address... anyway to recover that email sent to the void?



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    Shortened email addresses

    David Shalev · 5 replies · Last reply by Oscar Knights

    I was at a restaurant tonight and they had a card to sign up for email updates. I generated a throttle address on my phone but felt awkward using such a long address for their form. In fact, they probably thought it was a fake address and discarded it. So, it really highlighted the need for shorter addresses. Is that still going to be made available to pro users and if so, any eta? How short will they be?


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    Digest Icon Color

    It is difficult to discern which digest options apply to categories because they all have the same color.  It would be nice if there was greater differentiation between the icons either by changing the color of the icon or changing the background color.

    For instance, global digest is green, auto-forwards are red, custom digests are blue, etc...

    Personally, I'd actually prefer that the icons were different colors and didn't have a background mainly because I think it is easier to identify categories that have no digest options attached to them if they didn't have an icon at all.

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    When I drag to Categorize from ALL, don't refresh the list...

    Noah · 2 replies · Last reply by Noah

    When you are dragging to categorize emails from the ALL list, the right-pane refreshes taking you back to the top, which makes organizing emails extremely annoying if you've scrolled down just a few days worth of emails.

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    Indicate refresh on Reading List

    Thomas Ganter · 2 replies · Last reply by Noah

    I understand that probably live updating the reading list is too much of a hassle and probably unintended (however, an option here would be welcome).

    Still, it should be possible to implement a "dirty" indicator that will show if there are new E-Mails available (and ideally this indicator is a button that will trigger a refresh).

    Implementation-wise this would be really low bandwidth (just check a "last-modified" timestamp on a regular interval) thus a check once per minute should be feasible without much ado.