Forwarding emails INTO Throttle for some sites

I read the article on using Throttle with old subscriptions.  I have a different slant to it. I get the deal about starting from scratch with a new e-mail address. However, some subscriptions/sites use the email address for multiple purposes, some of which are more "permanent." For example, sites that might generate a software registration code.

I would really like the ability to, say, setup a Gmail rule to forward the mailers/newsletters etc to Throttle but keep my email address more "pristine" and human-usable.

I love the service thus far, though! 

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Forwarding will be possible this week:

We're shipping an update to the browser extensions that allows you to generate addresses from the extension window for the current site, instead of needing to happen in a text box on the page itself. You'll see the update this week, and then you could set up forwarders!

If this is a major use case others have (be sure to comment) in theory we might be able to add a feature to the extension to make the filters for you (in Gmail).

CloudMagic also defaults their subscription newsletters to your "Account" email address which at this point MUST be Gmail or iCloud. There is no separation. So that's one use-case in which auto-created-gmail-filters would be useful.