Can I create custom adresses when using a custom domain?

If I add a custom domain to my account, will I also be able to create custom adresses? e.g sitename@mycustomtrottledomain.com.

This would make it a bit easier to log in to different sites from devices/browsers where my password/account manager is not installed.

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Not yet - but we've got it on the to-do list!

Is there any update for this? It would be really very useful.

Hey Bill, it's currently in the making; likely to be shipped out later in the UX3 beta.

I just realized that this comment was more than 9 months ago.  Has there been any further progress?

UX3 beta is out, and I didn't see any mention of this feature.  Any updates on when it might get included?  I have a custom domain with a number of existing custom emails I've already given out, and the moment you add this feature, you've got yourself a new paying customer :)

I love this idea.  If there is a need for any beta testers, I am ore than happy to test it!!