Real World Email Generator

Someone posted this idea before as a comment, but the more I think about it, the better the idea becomes.

I want an easy-to-remember format email address that I can give out manually to people in the real world that becomes associated with a company automatically.

Example: I am in the Gap store and at check-out they ask for my Email address. I want the receipt emailed to me, but I don't want to give out my Gmail. Instead, I tell them "noahk-gap@thrott.com" -- that email address, once emailed is given it's own unique Throttle email address that I can then (at a later date) update to be the newly generated address.

Or, I just leave it alone. It would essentially be <username>-<unique identifier>@thrott.com. Easy to remember, Easy to use. Never have to worry about giving out your actual email address.

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Hey Noah, we're actually working on a slick solution for this issue already! It's a great recommendation and I think it could be incredibly useful to our users as well. 

If anyone else is interested in a real-world format email address to avoid real address distribution, please leave a comment or an up-vote here!

Are there any updates on this feature? Desperately want this!

Has there been any updates on this.   I use Throttle so much now - it is the only way I give out my email - that this would be a massive benefit!!

Hey Noah, would you mind shooting an email over to team@throttlehq.com? I'd like to share something with you!

This is the one feature I am most looking forward too!!

Same as Noah, I come across this problem a lot at the physical in-store check-outs. I'd be thrilled if Throttle comes out with a solution for this.

I absolutely love this idea.  If you are ever looking for beta testers, let me know.

As soon as this feature becomes available I'll be a paid customer for life. Right now I'm using GApps with a wildcard alias to accomplish this, but I'd rather use Throttle's UI.