Emails bouncing!

I have some of my emails forwarded to a Throttle address. This morning, I noticed that one of them bounced, so I went into my throttle account and saw a notice that the site was down for maintenance. I assume the bounced email was due to the site being down, and I am thus concerned. At this point, I am quite reliant on Throttle, and need confidence that emails are getting through, even went the site is down for maintenance. After all, there is no way to know if an email gets through or not (unless one of my forwarded emails bounces), and if the problem from this morning is ongoing, then it is obviously a big problem for all users.

Please provide some feedback on this issue.



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First, I sincerely apologize for that issue. The server was down for longer than intended. When we push updates, it is usually down and up so fast that no one would notice (under a second).

When it was down, yes, it had bounced the email. Luckily, in most cases, mail servers will automatically re-send the email a few times after a bounce since things like this happen in the email world, so no emails should have been permanently lost.

That said, you raise a great point: it would be alarming to think that any outage or down server would mean any lost emails. So, we got to work on a solution that was deployed last week (thanks goes to Jeb!).

Now, this is what happens. Keep in mind our mail server is separate from the server that serves the website and app.

  1. If the mail server can’t connect to the database immediately it retries every 5 seconds for up to a minute.

  2. If after a minute it can’t connect, it caches the email.

  3. Every 15 minutes a cron job checks the cache and retries all the emails in the cache, removing only successfully saved emails.

Basically, we now cache all received messages if a server may be down. So if there is an outage, the worst problem is that your emails will be delayed by a few minutes. That said, we will continue to strive to ensure there aren't outages like this one.

Thanks for raising the issue, and we continue to strive to do our best to deliver a world-class product to you!

Excellent. Thanks for jumping on this. Glad to see the product keep getting better and more reliable.

Much appreciated,