Can I upgrade to Throttle Pro with a monthly billed subscription fee instead of annually billed fees?

Can I upgrade to Throttle Pro with a monthly billed subscription fee instead of annually billed fees?

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Hey Damir! We currently only offer annual billing, but if you pay for the full 12 months and determine at any point that you no longer want the service, you can cancel your subscription and email us to receive a refund for the remaining months in your subscription period.

May I ask why monthly billing would better serve you? We're always looking for ways to improve our product.

Thank you for the inquiry!

Hi Josh,

Reason no to go for annual billing now is pretty straightforward. The software/web-app still needs a lot of improvement before you may call it a fantastic tool. I am not totally sure you'll manage to deliver on this, that is why monthly billing gives me the freedom to cancel if you screw up. ;-)

Hey Damir, I'm just now seeing this response! I wanted to let you know that you still have the freedom to cancel if we screw up, because we offer prorated refunds if you aren't satisfied. Basically, if after a month you don't believe that Throttle is providing you all that it should, you can cancel and get 11 months worth of your payment refunded to you.

Hope this helps :)

I'd like to clarify that you would only get prorated a refund for the months you haven't used Throttle through.

Just had the same question, and came across this thread. For me it's a simple matter of budget. I would rather pay a smaller monthly amount every month that I can budget around than make a big one time purchase annually. 

FYI, If you do decide to offer a monthly subscription package I will be signing up for the pro account immediately :)

Hey Steve, I totally understand budget restraints, although I don't believe that we'll be moving to a monthly subscription anytime soon. With that said, we do offer prorated refunds for your purchase. As I just told Damir, for example, if after some amount of time you don't think that Throttle is worth your payment, you can get prorated a refund for all the months you haven't yet used Throttle through.

However you would need to pay the full amount instantly, if budget is the issue then this won't help. 

And since the launch of the iOS app to out of beta, the price went up $20. I even didn't get a chance from you to upgrade for $79, communicating that there would be a price increase soon.

Looking forward to your response.


I apologize for not responding sooner!

The reason we have one-time, upfront, annual payments is primarily due to the difficulty that arises from managing micro-transactions from all of our customers on a month-to-month basis. I apologize that we price-hiked before you had an opportunity to updgrade, and I'll see what I can do for you in that regard! 

Stay posted,


Came to upgrade.

Like what you've got here (I said as much being the first reviewer for the FireFox AddOn). As a small business owner, you're asking me to place a premium value on your software juxtaposed to the software expenditures that i currently make which actually directly generate revenue for my firm (branding, web development, graphic arts & design).

I am clearly willing to pay for the added value of efficiency it affords my firm. Just not as an upfront outlay.  I REALLY hate when i come across a prospective client who fixates and whines about my prices.  I so want them to just shut up and find a better fit.  I'm clear i won't be reducing my rates for most anyone.  So, i proffer this as just a thought exercise.

Not asking you to change your business model.  Just giving some feedback.  I like it enough to come back.  Best wishes.


Thank you very much for your feedback! We have a few reasons to maintain our annual payment system at the moment, though we'll certainly be willing to look into other options down the road. 

Deepest regards, and happy Throttling,