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I got an email notification that the iPhone beta is being released soon, that there will be a limited number of spots, and that it's first-come, first-served. I'm already a Throttle user -- I'm assuming this means I'm already on the list, but I just wanted to make sure my assumption is correct.



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Me too! Me too!!

Hey Shawn. Please see the response above!

Happy Throttling!

Hey Aaron! You are correct in assuming that; you are indeed in line for the iPhone beta.

However, we can only bring on 2,000 users for the beta, so we'll be issuing access in order of when our users registered for Throttle with our Pro users going first.

Does that make sense?

Makes sense. Thanks!

Hey Aaron, please see the most recent comment!

@josh... FYI, I am a Paid Pro User, if that helps.

still can't find an email or signup page for the iPhone beta.

As a registered Pro user of Throttle, you're actually already first in line for the beta test! No need to sign up for it. We can only fill 2000 seats for beta testing, and testers will be selected based on when they first registered for Throttle: the earlier the registration, the further ahead in line the user will be. Pro users will be at the front of the line. 

Keep an eye out for updates regarding this, and thank you for your interest in the betterment of Throttle.

Hope you enjoy the beta when it's released, and have a good one!

Hey Shawn, please see the most recent comment!

Make my day, please!

Hey Damir, please see the most recent comment!

I was mistaken in saying you do not need to sign up for the beta, and I'm very sorry about that! However, the beta sign ups just now opened up, so you can still make the list. Visit the following link: https://throttlehq.com/ios

Thanks, Josh. All signed up for test flight!

Great to hear! You'll be sent an invitational email when it's your turn to enter the beta test. Stay tuned!

Hi Josh,

Hope you can help me...

I've got an invitation code for your Beta.

After using it (plus my email address) on your iOS Site, I thought I can now download the app via test flight. But, when I try that ( with my invitation code) I get only an error...

Or is it wrong, to try it with my invitation code?

kind regards 


Hey Paul, I should've put the message here in the comments, but check out my most recent reply!

Hey Paul,

Everything is as it should be! If you've entered your beta code and email address on our iOS landing page, you're good to go. Now it's just a matter of waiting; you'll receive an invitational email, when it's your turn to enter the beta, that will allow you to join the Test Flight platform and download the application. 

We're letting people into the beta in batches of a hundred or so, so keep an eye out for the invite! And if you have any further questions, please just let me know.