Not receiving digests

I do get email verification messages from you - there's nothing filtering out on my end.  I just haven't received any digests since May 3rd. I'm a Pro customer.

I had things set up to automatically forward messages, and it's not doing that.  I tried sending emails from my personal email address to a Throttle email address that I had, and the messages do show up on the website, but don't forward.  I tried changing back to receiving a digest, but it doesn't send.

Basically, anything that goes into Throttle doesn't get to me right now.

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OK, somewhere in all the re-jiggering I just did, I fixed the problem.

I have the same problem: I didn't get a digest for at least a month now... Already tried to fiddle around with the settings but nothing changed. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Try removing auto-forwarding (go back to default digests for everything), then turn on auto-forwarding again.  I *think* that's what did the trick for me.

WOW! That was a fast reply. :)

I'll give that a try. Thank you!

I'm having the same problem. I've emailed support several times and no response. I'm only using the default digest.

I'm a pro customer.

Any suggestions? I'm starting to get annoyed. Being a "pro" customer is useless with a partially-functioning product and no descent support.

Thanks for reaching out here!

You may not have received our response to your support tickets because of a problem with your Gmail account. According to our logs, your Gmail account is not accepting emails. The exact response we receive is "The email account that you tried to reach is over quota." with this support link:


You may want to reach out to Gmail.

Please let us know if that helps.

Hi Jeb –

Thank you for responding. That would explain it! I apologize for incorrectly placing blame on you guys :)

Here's a quick summary of what I've discovered after some troubleshooting: I'm using Google's Inbox web-based email client, which unlike Gmail, does not list your storage quota status in the footer, nor does it give you any notification what-so-ever when your quota has been reached. It'll happily let you send emails all day without any error messages–but they won't be delivered (which is why, I'm sure, you didn't receive my support requests via email). I managed to consume my storage quota by enabling Google Photos on my iPhone which uploaded loads of photos.

So, I've upgraded my data with Google and things seem to be working again. This seems like a hole in how Google handles their customer's data quotas. I would have expected to receive some sort of notification or warning modal.

Thank you again!