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To those of you that are regulars here, thank you from all of us. It's been an incredible beginning to the Throttle journey getting to take it with you, hearing all of your thoughts, ideas, praise, and issues. You're a tremendous motivation for us as we continue to march on with Throttle's mission. Thanks for marching with us.

I am Alex, the founder of Mindsense (our company) and designer of Throttle. You saw me regularly responding to all of your posts for the first month after launch, along with Jeb, who has architected and developed the entire Throttle service single-handedly. After some time, we had to get back to the other 1,000 things to do on Throttle, which meant we were devoting less time to responding to your posts in a timely manner. I apologize for that. So, we brought on Josh. He's an intern (paid, don't worry!) from our alma mater Virginia Tech, and you'll see him around the forum a lot more responding to your posts and questions. He's also logging everything with the team in our Trello board. So we're still reading everything you're writing, but you've got Josh now to get you even faster responses. Be sure to welcome him!

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