Is there any way to enlarge the reading pane?

The reading pane on my Chromebook is only 1/3 of the total screen. The rest is taken up by the grayed out dashboard. Is there any way to adjust this? If not, have you considered adding the ability to drag the line dividing the two to your own setting?

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There's currently no way to adjust the reading pane, although I can definitely notify the development team if that's something you'd like to see in the product. We've considered adding the expanding divider before, we just want to make sure that it would be most beneficial for our customers before building it.



I'd love to see the expanding divider. Please pass it on to the development team.

Consider it passed on, keep an eye out for updates!

I suggested something like this a few months ago. I also wanted the reading pane to be bigger, or at least centered. I would almost prefer the 2/3 left side be used for the email and the 1/3 right side to be used for the time/date/subject, etc. information.

Duly noted! We'll be sure to take your recommendations into account for the design of an expanded window pane.

I've definitely mentioned this before as well. It's even more pronounced on larger screens. Here is my +1.