Initial Feedback... (iPhone beta)

I'm going to give you live feedback as I use the app. Opening it up... swiping through the intro screens... whoops, clicked "SIGN IN" without filling anything out because I didn't know the top area was intractable (because the previous screens were all images). Now the keyboard appears and it looks like this:

Although, the default Apple Keyboard looks better, so might not be an issue depending on how many people use Keyboard extensions (SwiftKey, etc). Lots of room in the top to move everything up just slightly.

I clicked Sign In, but I saw no loading indicator, I wasn't sure if I had properly clicked the button. But after a moment, everything loaded. I'm on the Reading List! First thing I clicked on was "Install the Browser Extension", but the instructions are listed 3. 2. 1. top to bottom, which confused me at first. But hey, I'm a smart guy so I figured it out.

Okay, so now I see two "Settings". One in the top right of the Reading List and one in the bottom right tab slot. I wonder why those can't be combined? In the tab settings, I clicked on Custom Domain, and it took several seconds for my information to be filled in, it said "No Custom Domain" for a moment, which confused me for a moment. When I clicked "Want More Information" a really slick in-app webpage appeared. I love the top bar, and wish I had that same look when I clicked the Install Browser Extension button, BUT I understand you needed to pull up Safari to enable the extension. Also, really glad there was a confirmation popup for the Delete custom domain option. Hrm... I wonder why there's a gap between the phrase "Settings" and "Account". Would Log Out be better served as a text link in the top right hand-corner?

Ack, clicked Log Out by accident. That button should really have a Red background color so you don't hit it by mistake. I'm no longer on the Log In screen, but on the Intro Screen. I've already seen the intro once, must I swipe 4 more times to relog back in? Annoying. Mis-typed my username and now both the username AND the password are cleared. I wish they stayed so I could correct my minor error instead of retyping in my 22-character password.

Okay, I'm back in. I wonder if there's a way to change the Theme... the dark is nice, but I'm used to the Light theme on the mobile website. I think the favicons show up better with a lighter background. Also, the padding is a big off the list items. Some emails are right up against the top border, while others have a nice 10-15px padding. I wish it was more uniform? See image below... note all the space in the email, but hardly any space in the Kickstarter email.

Onto the Categories link... everything looks great, I LOVE the mini time / date icons. Only issue is the Uncategorized text is slightly further to the right than everything else. See screenshot:

Looks odd. Anyways, moving on! Let's click on the longest title I have "Credit Monitoring (Alex)". Yep, just as expected, the title of the grouping overflows into the Categories text in the top-left corner. It's also weird that the Settings link in the top-right corner applies to EVERY category instead of just the one I selected. Another reason to move those settings into the Settings ICON instead.

Now we're going to click on an email... oh boo, it uses the in-app Safari browser extension. I was really hoping for the same look I got when I clicked on "Want More Information" on the Custom Domain page. The whiteness of the Safari browser is at odds with the darkness of the app.

Another issue in the reading list, when the "preview" text is 4 lines in length, it pushes the subject text up and over the <hr>, making it look quite funky. Check it out here:

Back to the Categories list. When I click the + button, the phrase Cancel gets pushed to two lines as such:

I'd love to have the + button and the Done button in the Categories view switched. Then I can open and close the Categories real quick-like without having to move my thumb to the other side of the phone. I feel I'll be switching categories often and being able to open and close the "drawer" by clicking the same location would be great.

I just clicked the Discover tab but nothing happened. It just says "Discover" in the middle of the screen. To be expected? Same with the Updates tab. Nothing but the phrase "Updates".

Just tested the Safari Extension, works like a charm. Love that there's no "your generated email address has been copied to your clipboard" popup, BUT that information would be ideal to show as a text blerb right underneath the "Generate New Asddress" button. The copy below previously generated emails makes no sense to me. I think it should say something like:


[   ]
Tap address to copy to your clipboard.

[   Generate New Address   ]
Generated email address will be copied to your clipboard automatically.


Anyways, that's all I have for now, keep it up!!

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As always, thank you for your feedback!

I will say — the list view does look pretty terrible right now. We were primarily focused on the grid view (if you hit settings in the top right, you can switch to grid view), but we'll get list view cleaned up in the next update!

All of your other points are great — expect them to be iterated on in short order.

I just had an idea. If you move the Favicon to be ON the Subject line, just to the left of the subject, you could get rid of that favicon column and fit more text onto the screen. Boom!