Assigning categories from mobile app (iPhone beta)

Do you plan to add the ability to assign categories from the mobile app? Would be a nice feature!

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Hey David,

You can already assign categories in the mobile app by pressing and holding the message you want to assign. However, be aware that by assigning a message, you're assigning every message from the generated address associated with that message. 

Let me know if you encounter any problems.


Oh wow, that's cool. Never would have thought to try that. Are there other features we beta guys should be aware of?


Now that you know how to categorize in the mobile app, I don't think that there are many other features hiding from you. Although if you have any questions about how to accomplish any particular task within the app, please don't hesitate to ask!

Ok. Will do. Seems like the app runs fine. Not sure what more to contribute on the beta (except for my typical requests like searching, and other features requested on the desktop).  

Sure. Hearing that it works well is just as nice as hearing about things we can change. We're happy to see that we've built a satisfactory product, and of course, the recommendations we've collected are a work in progress!

fair enough. I use it often, and will let you know if I see any problems. At the moment, all I can contribute is that the uncategorized category shows up with a blank screen if nothing is in it, whereas would be perhaps a bit better to indicate that the category is empty (as it does on the desktop). Also, the Updates and Discovery sections don't display anything, although i assume that's a work in progress.

Thanks again. Throttle continues to rock my world (despite the problems associated with not being able to search, etc :))

I like the idea of indicating no news in the uncategorized category when there's nothing to show; good input. Updates and Discovery for the mobile app are indeed a work in progress, but we still very much appreciate the vigilance. 

Your thirst for search will be quenched asap! :)

Happy Throttling,