# of items shown next to category (iPhone beta)

Would be nice to see the number of new items received for the day next to each category. Currently there is an icon that allows for settings regarding the daily digest, but would also like to see a number representing emails received that day. In fact, once additional settings/filtering is released, would be great to be able to set that number to match starred emails or unread emails, based on user preference. These features would also be nice on the desktop.

This would allow the user to see at one glance of the category list how many new or starred items are in each category, and thus prevent the need to scroll through the All list as much. As more and more newsletters are subscribed to, these kind of things become more important as the All category becomes unwieldy. 

Thanks for listening, as usual!

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Thank you for providing wonderful insight, as usual! I think that's a fantastic thing to include to simplify Throttle even further, and I've already passed it along to the team for discussion. 

Have a good one, David,


Thanks for the positive feedback. Keep up the good work.