A Path Toward Sustainability

We’ve really enjoyed getting to chat with many of you over the last few weeks, and we’ve loved to discover that we share a common goal: making Throttle the most effective tool to solve the time-drains in email, and making sure Throttle is around for the long haul.
We’re working hard on the first part with all of the feedback you’re sending our way. More on that in just a minute.
The second part means we need to make Throttle financially sustainable, so that it can be around for the long haul, with regular development. In order to get Throttle to make enough to support its development, we’re tweaking a few things, starting today.
First, we’re building out some insanely cool new features in Throttle Pro. Stay tuned on this, we have a big announcement coming next week. Don’t miss it.
Second, as we add value to Throttle Pro, its price is going to go up (a few times over the course of the next few months). But it will never change once you’ve subscribed; you’ll be locked in at the price you signed up for.
Third, we’re changing the free tier up a little. We’re adding a few thresholds to its usage. It’s still a "free forever" plan: you’ll always be able to use it, you just won’t be able to create an unlimited number of categories, for example. Hopefully these thresholds are generous enough to allow plenty of free use before ever hitting one. But I want to be clear about this: none of the thresholds in the free tier will affect users’ ability to access or retrieve their own data. We will not hold your data hostage. We might own the servers, but we believe you own the data. It’s like an apartment building: we own the building - or “shell” - but what you put in your apartment is yours, and we should not restrict your access to it.
So what do we do to make a compelling offering for Throttle Pro? We add really compelling features, like Throttle Automation, something you’ll learn all about next week. And how do we get free users looking at these features? With account limits. They suck, and we hate them. But, we’re trying them out, because we haven’t been able to get the upgrade percentage we need to sustain Throttle development with everything being unlimited. That’s fine, we’re not torn up about it, but we are hell-bent on a goal you and we share: to have the benefits of Throttle around for a very long time. To do that, we need to make Throttle sustainable.
For existing free users, the thresholds have been set higher for you so that you can continue to use Throttle just as you have been. If you’ve been using Throttle for free for some time, and you’re uncomfortable with a threshold that you hit, just email us and we’ll take care of it (but we think you’re really going to like some of the features we’re adding to Throttle Pro starting next week anyway!).
And back on the first thing: we’ve been working a ton on making Throttle even better with your feedback, and we’ve got quite a bit to show you. Check back next week for more!