I'd LOVE to generate a human readable address manually when I'm in stores, etc. (iPhone beta)

I'd LOVE to generate a human readable address manually when I'm in stores, at conferences, etc.

Many tills ask for an email as an example and i'd love to be able to open my phone, click an "Add New Button" and then type in "Walgreens@..." and then tell the cashier, "Oh it's Walgreens@..."

Or going to a conference: have one email for the conference like "this_conf@..." for all my contacts I make in order to vet them and protect my personal address. 

Any plans for this?

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Hey Brandon!

What you're describing is actually a functionality that we're bringing to Throttle Pro really soon! It could be used in collaboration with custom domains, so every address you generate is entirely customized. We're working on allowing our users better access to generating addresses for real-world sign-ups as you've described as well; that way, you have Throttle for all of your emailing needs. 

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad that we're hitting the right targets for our customers.

awesome. i'm a pro user anxiously awaiting :) if you need beta testers i don't mind the "mess" of testing :)

Send your Throttle-registered email address over to team@throttlehq.com and I may be able to do something beta-related for you!

Sent! I included a link to this thread and your name :)

This is an excellent idea!! Absolutely +1 on this!!

Yessssss. This is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted a mobile app in the first place. There should be a big button somewhere in the iPhone app that allows you to generate a new address and type in the user field.