Inconsistent pricing advertised on your site for Pro

I have two things to ask / point out:

1. You seem to have inconsistent pricing advertised on your site, the first link states $79 per annum and the second link states $50 per annum



2. I cancelled my annual subscription renewal (basic) ages ago as I wasn't sure I wanted to pay (at the time) the equivalent of $7.99 per month upon renewal at the end of the year as I realised I would want the Pro edition.  

Since then all basic members were upgraded to the pro edition for free, and I have been very happy with Throttle Pro ever since.

My request / problem is that I am unable to renew my subscription.  It states that it will downgrade to free on the 17th Jan.  Is there anyway I can re-register my account so that it will auto renew the pro subscription?

Also, could you confirm the actual pro subscription costs, as (shown in 1) I can't find a definitive price.

Many thanks


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Hey Steve,

Really sorry about the inconsistency there; it seems that we need to update that second page you posted. To confirm the pricing for you: Pro is now $79.00/year (as is stated in your first link).

As for your second question: I'm not entirely sure if we're able to do that, or if you'll just have to wait to do it manually, but if you send the email address you used to register your Throttle account to team@throttlehq.com, I can certainly find out for you!


I'm seeing a yearly plan for $99 now? Is this really thought through?

Hi Josh

I will send the email to the account mentioned.

So, as far as I understand it, customers who have been here from the start and were subscribed as basic users (as I was), qualified for the Pro account at the price of the Basic account (I believe I paid $47.88) which is different from $79.  This is why I don't want to have to wait and do it manually.



Oh, I understand! Well I can assure you that no matter how you end up renewing your Pro membership, you'll never have to pay more than $47.88 because you were an early subscriber. With that said, I'm going to try my best to get an auto-renewal of $47.88 set up for you as soon as I receive your email, if it is in my power to do so. 

Thank you!

Hi Josh

Many thanks for your understanding.  =)

I've just sent an email to the address you mentioned with the email address I subscribed with.