Not receiving custom digests


I receive the daily digest no problem, but for some reason, it now includes all my emails.

So basically, I have my custom categories of which I have a digest set up for each category. Up until recently I used to receive my custom digests as well as the daily digest, and the daily one didn't include any emails from the other digests. Now, I only receive the daily digest and it includes all the emails. No custom digests are sent.

Anyone know what the problem is?



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Just to be sure, are the settings for your custom categories still set to send you custom digests every day? 

Yes, I have just checked and all of my custom categories have the digest emails set - as per the screenshot.

Interesting; please make sure that you don't have any [username]@throttlehq.com email addresses blocked by your email client by accident. If that's also not the case, I'll take a deeper look with the team to find a solution for you!

Hey Oscar,

The problem you were encountering was actually a bug! Our incredible development team has since then located and provided a fix for it. Let me know if you're still having trouble, and we'll work from there to find a solution!


Hi, I deleted the custom digests and then reinstated them yesterday, and today I received the digests! 

So I'm not sure if it was the bug fix or my messing around that solved it - either way, it works!!

Thanks for your help!