Message opens up in old UI. NT (UX3 beta)

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Messages in the new UI look pretty similar to the old UI (after opening them from your Reading List, that is), although your UX3 may still be having issues if dragging to categorize and access control isn't working for you.

Oh yeah, I do see the UX3 UI behind the message, but it's still way over on the right side of the screen.


This image shows the message pane (right side) and the subject line/sender pane (left) to be about half and half in your browser; if I'm understanding correctly, you want the message pane to be larger still? 

For some reason I expected the dividing bar to be draggable. Ideally, and this is just me, I want 25% left bar, 75% message. 

Here's a better screenshot. Windows 10, Chrome.


I would say the left pane takes up maybe 60% of the screen width? I literally want the message to be in the center of my screen. I don't care if there's a shit ton of white space.

Compare to Gmail. Look at the difference. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hd8ndd530acs4hf/Screenshot%202016-07-20%2018.29.59.png?dl=0

Dead. Fricking. Center.

Copy Gmail. Please.