Sources not all showing (UX3 beta)

I have a category with quite a few sources, and it appears they are not all showing up in the expanded list. I confirmed that I received at least one email that was assigned to that category, but it doesn't show up as a source. 

In fact, it appears that the list of sources is truncated, as the last one shown is not fully displayed. Is this a known bug?

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Hey David, thanks for the feedback. It was a bug, and we've squashed it. Let me know if you continue to experience errors!

Thanks Josh. Seems to be good now. However, did notice that some of my sources are still not showing up, so dug a little deeper and discovered that one of my Senders has 15 addresses associated with it, all of which appear to be from a constant contact address. So, a few questions:

1) Is this happening since many senders use Constant Contact and Throttle doesn't recognize the sign up page as a new sender?

2) If so, is the only solution to make sure to force Throttle to generate a new address when signing up on constant contact forms?

3) At this point, since I want each Sender to show up separately, what would you recommend? Perhaps just revoking the address and resign up with each Sender? Pretty tedious, but will do if necessary.

I also suggest making it easier to see and save the addresses used by a Sender in Access Control. It appears a pop up box appears when clicking the addresses link, but unless I take a screen shot, I can't copy and past or otherwise save the list. Also, there is a question at the end of the pop up list that prompts the following: "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs". What does that mean?



Just curious, what is a "Constant Contact"?

Constant Contact is a mass mailing program that many sites use when you register your email with them.

Gotcha. Shopify does the same thing. It appears that Throttle only looks at the domain instead of the subdomains when determining if a new address needed to be issued.