How to use a custom domain?


I have just upgraded to Throttle Pro and would like to be able to set up a custom domain, however it doesn't seem to work.

Do you have to own a domain to be able to set up a custom domain? ie. do I need to pay for a domain subscription as well as the throttle pro subscription?



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Hey Oscar, ultimately you would need your own domain in order to set up the custom domain features, although keep in mind that as a Pro user you'll still be able to take control of shorter addresses when we roll that out, even without a custom domain. Custom domains aren't too expensive to own (approx. < 15$ per year, depending on the host), although I completely understand your reluctance to do so.

Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

Thanks for the info. So I decided that I would buy a custom domain (I found the one I wanted for £7.50) and have now set up my custom domain with throttle. I think it's excellent but I do have one question:

Is it now possible to send emails using my generated throttle email addresses? 


It's not possible to send emails using generated Throttle addresses as of right now, even with a custom domain, but you can always forward those emails to your inbox and reply from there. However, that would mean that the "From: " end would show your real address and not your generated address. 

Okay, thanks for your help! I LOVE the service by the way. You have a great team! Keep it up! :D

Thank you so much!