Shortened email addresses (UX3 beta)

I was at a restaurant tonight and they had a card to sign up for email updates. I generated a throttle address on my phone but felt awkward using such a long address for their form. In fact, they probably thought it was a fake address and discarded it. So, it really highlighted the need for shorter addresses. Is that still going to be made available to pro users and if so, any eta? How short will they be?


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Hey David, AFAIK this feature IS coming to the UX3 Beta for Pro users. No idea on the ETA.

I've upgraded today and the addresses generated are the same length. Hopefully soon!

Same I just voted it up. 

Guys, don't count on it. I upgraded nearly a year ago and haven't seen any new features added nor is there much company feedback. It's a shame since it's an amazing product, but their beta is false advertising as they simply do not seem to be working on finalizing the promised new features and I therefore regret having updated. 

I'm also pretty disappointed. The last update was 8 months ago!! Please guys, let us know what's going on!