Ability to generate multiple throttle email addresses for the same domain

Currently you can only generate one email address per unique domain. Several times I have wanted to generate a different email address for the same domain... use case: I have two accounts at americanexpress.com and I want to use throttle to log into each account, but currently there's no way to generate a second throttle email address using the Chrome Plugin.

Current Work-Around: Go to any random site, generate a Throttle email address at that site, then use it at americanexpress.com. Not what I want to do, but it's what I end up having to do.

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Noah, this is in progress!

And here's my real-world example for needing a different generated email address on a website.



NYTimes has either sold my email address or their database was hacked. I want legit emails from NYTimes but not from the spammy third-party companies that I'm starting to get... so I need to Revoke my current generated email address and make a new one (but not the same one).

Any ETA on when this feature might be available? Thanks so much!

We just shipped a solution for this! You can use the new manual generation button in the plugin's popover to force generate a multiple new addresses.