Throttle for iPhone & iPad Now Available!

After months of work and beta releases, we're ecstatic to share with you Throttle for iPhone & iPad.

It's now available in the App Store. Get it today and enjoy the productivity and security of Throttle on the go. Enjoy your reading list during some downtime during your day.

The app lets you do everything you do on your desktop - including generating addresses from your browser. Just enable its "Share Extension" and you'll be able to access Throttle from any website in Safari!

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Just upgraded to Throttle Pro and got the iOS app.

Can't log in on the app. It says username and/or password are wrong. But they are correct; triple checked :)

I'm liking the app so far. One major issue though, I can't paste my password in. I use Lastpass and so I need to grab my password from a different app before opening Throttle. It won't let me paste it in.

Thanks for releasing the app!

Same thing, I'll send you an email

Guys. Please.  I've been ready to give you money.  Now I get an email saying the phone app, which I've been testing, is about to go out of beta.  So I click one of the links - only to see the price has gone up, without notification.  I've been trying to get a reply on multiple channels for weeks!  Come'on.

Mart - I apologize for the delay. Shoot me an email personally at alex[at] I'm out of the office today but I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.