Ability to generate throttle email addresses on mobile devices

Currently you cannot generate a throttle email address if you are using a mobile device (Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Android). There should be a way to visit the throttle website and generate a unique address (optionally, this can probably be done using the upcoming throttle iOS app), but as a backup, being able to do so on the website would be a big boon.

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This will be done really elegantly on the coming app. Can't wait for you to try it out. Anyone that wants in on the beta, email team@throttlehq.com - we'll get you on the list!

Until then, a generator on the site would be a functional workaround. While not as elegant as I would prefer, in the meantime, this is the top-voted idea right now, so we'll look at building this out!

It would be great if it was possible to generate an email address for use "offline" (e.g. when filling in a loyalty card registration form in a shop) - would be a great extra feature for a mobile app

@Tom – I totally agree! Stay tuned.

I sent an email to be a beta tester a long time ago and never heard anything.   Given how long it has been since this was last commented on, has there been any progress?

I'd like to see Android support as well.

For sure - the team is working on it as we speak!

Me too.