Losing place in reading list (iPhone app)

Upon finishing reading an email, the app should take me back to the same spot in the reading list where the email originally was listed. Instead it now brings me back to the top of the reading list. Since I have so many items in the list, it takes a lot of scrolling to get back to where I had left off.

also, if I leave the app momentarily, upon returning to the app I again end up at the top of the list.

Bottom line- would be much more helpful for throttle to maintain the reading list location and thereby prevent the need to constantly go back to where I left off.



2 replies

David, thank you for bringing this up. I can certainly see this being a huge annoyance to customers with many generated addresses. I've put this on our board, and we'll look into solving it asap. 



Thanks Josh. Also, scrolling on an ipad gets interrupted by the "Discover Email Newsletters" box. Please get that on the board to be removed. No need for it and very annoying and interferes with the display while scrolling.


I've taken note of this issue! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.