Paypal emails no longer forwarding

Over the last few days, any emails from Paypal are no longer being forwarded to my email account.  I haven't changed anything and this has always worked but no longer works now.

Also, if I go to the email within Throttle and forward it manually, it does not get forwarded either. 

All other emails are forwarded correctly.  =(

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Steve, I'd like to apologize for this inconvenience! I received your message via team@throttlehq.com, and we're currently looking into possible resolutions for you. 

Thank you for reaching out, and please keep an eye out for updates.



It's been 20 days and I have not heard anything.  I still have no access to Paypal emails and now am missing updates from Evernote and bids from eBay too.  I only just noticed a (nearly) obsolete bid as it was timing out, which would have cost me a fair sum of money.

If I can't rely on Throttle to send me the emails I will need to stop using it - I can't afford to miss some emails!  =(

Also, the site is down so I can't even access Throttle to see if anything is there.  The iOS app also just shows an error:

JSON Parse error: Unregognised token ‘<‘

Please address the issue regarding non forwarding of emails ASAP - I can't actually use the product with any confidence with this issue present.



I'm terribly sorry about the incredible inconveniences you've been experiencing with our product. Over the past week and a half we've been encountering a few issues with customers not receiving digests and issues with email forwarding. 

I've been assured by the technical team that these problems are being worked on with dedication, however I cannot provide an estimate for when they may be fixed across the spectrum of our customers. I'll take your account information and forward it to the team to see if they can prioritize you.

Again, we seriously apologize for the issues. The website is back up and running now.

I'll inform you of any changes.