Totally not working - does anyone answer support emails?

I very excitedly signed up for Throttle at the beginning of the week, however it is not working for me one bit -- I set up two weekly digests as a test and received neither. I know they are not going to spam, because I received my sign-up email and a copy of my emails to support...and have also checked my spam folder.

Adding to this surprise is that no one has answered my two support emails at all and I hardly see any activity on this board... Is this product dead? Very much hope it's not as I really, really wanted to use it. (And PAY for it!) If any Throttle support person sees this, PLEASE email me?...

Thank you.

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Josh, I'm terribly sorry for the delay in responding to you. You seem to have signed up right as we began experiencing issues with digests; though we're working hard on resolving these issues! 

We're happy to hear about your excitement for our product, and we hope to get this ironed out asap so you can begin to enjoy the product.

Stay on the look out for updates!

Thanks, Josh. I did not receive digests this week either. When do you think this might be resolved? It's frankly not very confidence-inducing that even if you *do* resolve the issue and that I then spend the 10 or so hours that will be needed to convert the 200 or so sites over to a Throttle address as I had wanted to do, that this problem will not happen again and then I'll need to spend 10 more hours converting everything back.  :-(  Please advise. Thank you.

Oh, and I just logged in and saw that my digests I set up no longer exist!... Did YOU delete them, or did they disappear by themselves? If YOU did, were you ever going to bother telling me so that I could reset them?  :-(  

I'm sorry to be snippy about something that I am thus far getting for free... But the fact of the matter is that you are trying to court my business -- which I very much want to give you -- and this has been completely unprofessional from the word go.  :-(  Can I expect the same level of support if I opt to pay for your service, or if I am a paid subscriber will I receive a phone number or at least email address I would be able to communicate with in faster order to resolve any issue...which hopefully I would not have?

Josh, I can assure you that our website and it's operations rarely encounter problems of this nature. We also did not manually delete your digests, and I apologize for the inconvenience of their disappearance. We're currently doing some website maintenance and something may have affected your set-up. 

Regardless, we sincerely appreciate your interest in our product, and we want to make sure that your experience is the best that it can be; your business is certainly a priority to us. If you ever need one-on-one support, free version or paid version, you can contact team@throttlehq.com and I'll be there to help you with any issues you may come across.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of our digest fix, and I hope you have a wonderful day.



Ok, I will keep an open mind once your service is finally restored and hope that this is just "bad timing" as it were that I attempted to join while you have this one time only outage. Please do keep me posted as to when you have the service back up and running -- I recently got a new computer and am in the midst of updating/modernizing all my workflows and services, so this next week or two is actually the best time for me to be converting all my online accounts to Throttle addresses, assuming that is indeed what I am going to do if the service is fixed. I'll also email that team address you provided, thank you.

Fyi, the deletion of my digests on my account page I resolved -- I had logged in on my old computer that does not have Flash on it and also has a bunch of ad-blockers and so for some reason that appears to be why the digests did not show up, as I was subsequently able to see them when I logged in on my new computer. That's weird, but I am at least happy to report that it's not an issue that needs resolving. I then tried deleting them and re-creating them, however this did not resolve the delivery issue. I've still unfortunately received zero digests since joining the service -- I just hope that issue is all cleared up soon! Please keep me posted. Many thanks.

Hey Josh, I'm here to update you that we are indeed closer to solving the error with digests for all of our customers. I know some of our customers have reported their digests have begun to send again, so hopefully we'll have that across the board very soon.

I really appreciate your decision to stick around a little while longer, and I truly believe your experience with our product will be more than satisfactory following the resolution of this digest hiccup.

I'll continue to update.

Best, ~Josh

Hi Josh -- first, the good news... I appear to be receiving your digests now. Thank you.

But now the bad... They are not at all what I expected by the word "digest" -- the emails do not contain my actual emails all lumped into one email from you, which is to me what a digest is. Rather, it is merely an email from you with individual links to my designated emails, which then enable me to view them on my Throttle page by clicking on them one by one.

This does not save me any time whatsoever, which would of course be my whole intent in using your service -- this methodology instead *costs* me time by having to click through to each of my emails individually...which is even more ridiculous because the emails I am having sent to you are ones I already know I want to pay very little attention to and only scroll through quickly once per week... But your link methodology completely subverts that utility!  :-(

So I am hoping that this is only the way it is set up on the *free* version, in order to coax people to "unlock" the useful feature in the paid version? I will very gladly pay for that functionality -- i.e. having my ACTUAL emails sent to me in the digest and not merely links to them -- however the "digest" email of links I am currently receiving is utterly useless... I mean, I could very easily set up an inbox rule to move emails from those particular senders to a designated folder in my email client and then set myself a reminder to sift through that folder once per week and that method would be *much* more useful and streamlined than what your links-only digest provides as it would save oodles of time and also be searchable on my computer... So I am kind of baffled by this links-only implementation.

Please advise if I am able to have my actual emails sent to me in a digest, and if so you will have a paying customer...