Digests don't seem to be working at all

The other day I reported that a client of mine is not receiving her digests. Now I am noticing that I am not either (custom only, i don't have dailies set up).

Is this a known problem and what is the expected eta on resolving it? I feel embarrassed since I referred the client to you and now her main use of the product is not working (and she upgraded to a paid version).

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David, we're aware of the issues and we're working hard to sort out the cause for this. The problem seems to be rather random, as some customers' digests have come back into the swing of things. Can you send your client's email address to team@throttlehq.com ? We'll try our best to prioritize her.

Thank you for the feedback.

Well, yesterday she started to receive them again. However, now I am not receiving mine :)!!

Not good! We're looking into the problem for everyone. Thanks again, David!!

I am also not receiving my digests, and have not been for a while now

Update: a patch for digest errors has been developed and will be rolled out within the next week. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences experienced to this point. Stay tuned.