Site / service down

The site and service have been down for over 12 hours for me (all browsers on Mac + iOS app) - not only can I not access my emails I can't access the site at all.

I have had no emails forwarded to me since yesterday afternoon - what is going on?  I pay and rely on this service to forward me my emails, this is not good enough!

Please provide an update as to the situation and when a resolution will be in place. (as you can tell, I am not very happy)

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Same problem and I am a Pro member. This is happening more than I would like.

Same.  Severall days this week and all day today.  Shit I need to get access to.

Am a pro member too.  Please can we have an update on this - as paying customers I think it is the least we deserve.

Btw - it's been almost 24 hours of outrage now, on all formats!

I guess this event just taught me that I should keep my mission critical items away from this thing. It's not even the fact that this has happened that is the problem, it's the complete radio silence on the matter.

The Twitter account appears inactive, there haven't been many Facebook posts either. I think that the only reason this doesn't have more people complaining is that they don't remember the URL for this help page and with the main site down, they won't be able to find it (I had it cached).


I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of communication on this matter. There was a very large intake of messages about the issue with digests not delivering, and our communication team was swamped with replies. 

However, I am not here to offer this as an excuse. I understand the frustration with our service being down, though the maintenance was necessary for us to work on the fix for the wide-spread issues at hand. All of my emails are allocated within this web application too, and I too was affected and very, very frustrated. 

The website is now back up and running, and we are much closer to resolving the digest issue for customers across the board. Many customers have already reported that their digests have returned to normal routine. 

I can promise that errors like this are very rare with Throttle. Our team is very good, just very small, so tackling these rarities can prove slightly time-consuming even though we are fully aware of the effect it has on our users.

For all of these reasons, I offer my deepest apologies on behalf of the company. If you would like to further discuss any issues at all, I can provide 1 on 1 conversation; simply send an email to team@throttlehq.com and I'll be there to receive you.

Thank you for your business, and thank you for your incredible patience with us.