Unlimited Revioke Issue

I was one of the original users and participated in the beta also. I have unlimited revokes on my account. When I try to revoke access, it states that I have reached my limit. Which is false. Can you correct that issue. I would like to use throttle HQ more, but this is keeping me from that.






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I found the email that stated I was supposed to upgraded to the Pro plan. I was notified via email on March 22nd. I can forward the email if needed.  Thanks.

Hey Eric, can you please forward that email to team@throttlehq.com? What I'll most likely do for you is upgrade your account to a "Tester" account. You'll get all the perks of the Pro plan at no cost to you.

How does that sound?

Thanks for reaching out!




That sounds great. The email was sent to the address provided.

Is it possible to get this resolved? It's been 20 days, since I sent the requested info.  

Is there any possible way to get this resolved? It's been two months since I forwarded the requested information.