Broken feature: redirect email to my non-Throttle address

Suddenly, one of Throttle's most important features is completely broken. Until a few days ago, I was able to redirect emails sent to a Throttle-generated address to my personal email address so that I could save/archive/work with in my native email application. Now, when clicking the envelope icon that I used to use to activate this feature, I see the familiar  pop-up asking me if I want to forward the email to my Inbox, but clicking “yes” does nothing. The pop-up stays on the screen and the email never gets redirected...

Using the iOS app, the feature produces first an error that says “undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘e.fromName’),” followed by another error that says, “Request Timeout.”

PLEASE fix this feature ASAP as I have no other way to give myself native access to the messages that are stuck in Throttle and won't forward to my personal email address.

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I just responded to you and another customer in another post, and I assure you that we understand this is absolutely unacceptable. We are working diligently to fix this issue, and are deeply apologetic about the inconveniences you have experienced up to this point. 

Please keep an eye out for updates, and thank you for reaching out.



May I ask what native email client you use? It seems that forwarded messages are being sent to spam for a lot of our customers and we're working to get that fixed.

Also please note that clicking the button to forward the first time is the only time an action will take place. Throttle will not double-forward your Throttled messages.

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As I replied in the other thread, forwarded messages are *not* turning up in my SPAM folder. I'm using gmail through the web interface, so whatever gmail's ordinary incoming filters are would be what my mail passes through.

Thank you for the information. I'll get back to you when a relevant update is available!

I have the same problem with the website client. I clicked on the envelope icon, I got the pop-up and get "CANCEL" and "Forward". I click on Forward, and nothing happened. I think this had been acting up several days ago as well, so it's something more than merely interface issue. 

Kasey, we believe that it's an issue with our mail provider. We're currently working on a solution to this problem and hope to have a fix out soon.