Message forwarding not working


I try to forward single messages while reading. This is not working. Neither on the web nor on iOS. I have a pro account.

How do I get my messages from Throttle to my regular e-mail account?!

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I'm having this same problem and I, too, paid for a pro account. Posts here and emails to team@throttlehq.com have been completely ignored.

I can confirm forwarding no longer works.


E-mailing team@throttlehq.com makes no sense, they haven't even been responding to emails or did any communication with clients during the days-long down-time they had some time ago.

That's really discouraging.

I managed to get a response from the founder/ceo, Alex Obenauer, by contacting him on Twitter, @AlexObenauer. Haven't heard back from him since then though.


I notified our development team of this some time ago when we first began receiving reports of these issues, and they have assured me that they are working hard on a fix. We understand that this functionality is a vital aspect of our product and that you, our valued customers, are understandably upset at its absence. 

As far as customer service goes, I will respond to each and every message in due time. We have a large influx of messages that need replying to, and our customer service department is limited at this time. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience, and will post updates when they are available. 

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Man, it takes much longer than it should, I haven't received any forwarded msg for 13 days!

I joined the pro plan, I am paying for nothing now. Please fix it asap


We completely agree, and are very sorry for the inconveniences. We are doing our very best to fix the issues and we have fully identified where the problem is coming from. 

Please keep your eyes open for updates.


I am having the issue presently.

i am having this issue too

Me too !
Will there be compensation for all this?
No information, I'm not sure to renew my Premium account ...

Hello all,

We've discovered that forwarded messages are being sent to the spam folder for a lot of our customers. Can all of you tell me what email client you use? 

Unfortunately, this issue has more to do with your native email client's protocols on detecting and filing spam for all of their customers. Regardless, once we know what email clients this is effecting, we can better solve the issue from our end.

Thank you for your patience, and keep an eye out for updates regarding this issue. We understand the inconvenience that this bug brings to most of you and are terribly sorry. We happened to hit two, significant technical difficulties over the past few weeks but have finally determined solutions for both of them so Throttle will go back to its regular level of productivity. Also, if you find that your forwarded emails are skipping your spam folder as well, please let me know!


I'm using gmail through the web interface and none of the messages are being routed to SPAM for me.

Nic, thank you for letting us know. We'll get right back into investigating this error. 

i am using protonmail, emails are not forwarded to spam

We've discovered that the real source of this error arises from our current email service provider and are currently resolving the issue.

No, nothing in spam!
I use Mail under MacOs 10.12.2.

Interesting! Thank you for letting us know your client. I'll get back to you as soon as we uncover more information.

In my case it's definitely a Throttle website issue. Clicking the forward button does nothing. The pop up window sticks around until I cancel it. From the iOS app, I get an error that says "undefined is not an object (evaluating e.fromName)" and then another alert that says Request Timeout

Our development team still believes that it's an issue with our current mail client. I've informed them of the error code from the iOS app and they're working hard on a solution. I'll keep this forum posted with updates!

I get the same messages (in the iOS app) as Aaron does. When I try to forward using the web interface using Chrome, nothing happens. No error message or anything.

This issue has been happening for well over a month for me personally. When the program first came out, I was in contact with the founder fairly regularly providing feedback. We even spoke on the phone once and he was very interested to make a truly great product.

That was then, and this is now. I sent at least three emails about this issue and none were returned.

Josh, the information you are providing is inconsistent.  Seven days ago you said you notified your development team of the issue some time ago and they have been working hard on a fix. Now, a week later, you're saying the problem is emails are going into our spam folders, and the issue is with the email client we choose to use? First of all, the whole "check your spam folder" thing is bush league and something I tell my crazy ass ex-girlfriend when she asks why I haven't sent her any love letters lately. Putting that to the side, it took your development team more than a week to discover that emails were going into a spam folder? Even if that were true, if we're getting "request timed out" messages on the THROTTLE platform, then what does OUR email client have to do with anything? Come on man. Have a little more respect for us than that.

I'm a patient guy and I understand technical difficulties happen sometimes, but this difficulty has been happening for more than a month now, and you're not even being straight with us.

Thomas, I can understand the extreme frustration you're experiencing with our product at this point, though I can promise that the questions I ask have purpose. It's important for us to cross all the t's and dot all the i's in our attempt to solve this issues that have been plaguing our product for weeks on end.

I would never ask meaningless questions to you, our truly valued customers, as an easy way out of the discussion. The questions I ask are pertinent and in an effort from Mindsense to fix the problems that have arisen. I myself am not on the development team, and I did not take part in the development of the web application, so I can only humbly pass on the updates and information that I am provided by my superiors. With that said, I really do apologize for the lack of communication in this regard, but there aren't any relevant updates as of yet. 

Alex is fully aware of the errors with Throttle and is working his hardest to ensure that his paying customers get everything they deserve from the product we promised to deliver. 

With the deepest respect and gratitude for your patience, I only ask that you bare with us a little longer so we can work these things out. 

Thank you, and have a wonderful day,


macOS Sierra, nothing in the junk folder and the "forward" button doesn't even work on the throttle website clicking it doesn't nothing. 

Thank you for the feedback, we're working on a solution! I'll keep this forum posted.

I am actually UNABLE TO CLICK the "Yes, Forward it" button. Clicking on it results in NO ACTION TAKEN. My only option is to click on CANCEL. 

I am using Chrome. I can try again with Firefox. EDIT: Same on Firefox. Click on forward button results in empty clicks. 

Kasey, thank you for going the extra mile to provide this information. I'll pass it along and will keep this forum updated.

If a Throttle developer were to look in the Developer Web Tools console, they would see a bunch of errors, which basically boil down to iFrames not having javascript enabled within them. A typical message (when you try to forward a message) looks like:


Blocked script execution in 'https://throttlehq.com/home/read/585fd17ba538d38f082e6814' because the document's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-scripts' permission is not set.


There also seems to be a less critical issue around mixing HTTP and HTTPS calls within the iFrame for an image, but I doubt that is causing the problem. 

The notion that the messages are going to spam folders is a red herring, as the the forward is never completed.

Andy, we originally thought that forwarded messages could have been sent to spam folders. That was our first guess, but now that we've received screenshots and have confirmed that the error is application-native, we're working on solutions. 

I've been told that the forwarded message errors could potentially be from our mail client, though your feedback here has me thinking otherwise.

I'll pass this information along for the development team to look into. Thank you very much for taking the time to help us out with your perspective. 

Hello Throttle developers are you even listening????

Yes! We're still trying to work this thing out and must continue to offer our sincerest apologies. 

Thank you for your extreme patience; I'll keep this forum posted with updates. 

At this point, Throttle has lost about 50% of it's value - especially given it's over a month of down-time.  The endless time to resolve it is also very discouraging.   Your developers are clearly not up to the task of proper testing. All of the ideas of "It's going to spam", "It's our email provider", could have all been dismissed within 30 seconds if a developer had opened up a running app and tried it out.  That's App Development 101.

When a company fails at those basics, I start to worry about things like security, stability, longevity, and quality of the application.  I love Throttle as a concept, and have had great value from it to-date, but this has shaken my confidence and trust.


Alex has just released an update on the recent Throttle errors. Please view the post here: https://throttle.helprace.com/i301-we-re-back 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We apologize again for the time it's taken to redeliver the product we know you love, though we promise we're always putting our best foot forward in maintaining and developing our product.

Happy Throttling, and Happy New Year.


Still haven't fixed the manual forwarding problem. Still having same problem. 

Kasey, thank you for letting us know. I'll alert the development team immediately. 



Appears to be happening again. Extremely inconvenient. 

Our email service provider has stopped allowing forwarded messages through because too many were being marked as spam (if it kept happening, everything - including digests - would have been shut down too), so direct forwarding is temporarily disabled. If you have a specific message that you need to get from Throttle, we can retrieve it for you.

We're working on workarounds now. Expect them out soon!

And finally to be clear: this only affects forwarded messages. Digests are working like normal.