Can't send emails to inbox

Looks like Throttle is going from bad to worse. Has truly been one of the big software disappointments of the year - started off so promising, and now not only are promised updates nowhere to be seen, but the current product is broken. First, no digests sent, then searching doesn't work (and no response to my forum post about it), and now can't send emails to my inbox from the mobile app. See attached for the error code.

It would be one thing if the product was free or reasonably priced, but Throttle demands a very high price and doesn't deliver, nor do they even bother to stay in touch with dedicated users or fans/promoters. It is quite insulting and disappointing.

I just wish there were some signs of life. If this company is on its way out,  those of us who are dependent upon it should start making adjustments. Of course, I hope I am dead wrong, but all signs seem to point to a product that has been abandoned.


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I concur. It's too bad, this is a good project. I am getting the same error, and the bugs are killing this thing.


After the prolonged nature of these errors, I can only provide our deepest apologies once again. However, this time around I can say that the error with digests will be resolved in the next week. Alex has finally determined the nature of the bug and will roll out the patch very soon.

As for the forwarded messages encountering errors, we've discovered that these messages are being sent to spam for a lot of our customers. We need to determine what email clients our customers are using to better combat this "spam-profiling" from our end. 

The search bar issue has been tested and we haven't discovered any errors with it at this time. 

In summary, we are developing fixes, or will be rolling those fixes out for all major Throttle issues over the next week. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your patience and trust in our product. 



Sure is good to hear from you, but your answer actually adds to my concerns. First off, even if the send to inbox ends up in some user's spam folders, why kill the ability for all users to use the send to inbox feature, especially without warning anyone that you have killed the feature??

Second, searching is definitely broken in mobile. See attached screen shot. No idea why you wouldn't see the problem on your end. 

Third, still no update regarding all the promised features advertised in the beta. 

Would love further input on the above.

Thank you


In the end, what kills companies is the lack of trust. Some companies are great at communication - Buffer, for example - but you guys are very poor. You need to talk to us, and be honest. I love Throttle, but can't evangelise about it because of the bugs, and because you won't talk to us in a timely way. I hope your balance sheet is healthy because you have the communications style of a start-up In trouble. The horrible thing about it is your work is so good. 

Still no progress, over a week later. Can't even begin to adequately describe how frustrating this is and how the lack of attention to your user base is killing your product. When you lose the enthusiasm of your biggest fans and promoters, you have really shot yourself in the foot. 

Just today, I tried searching on the mobile app, and continue to receive an error. Thus, one key feature remains MIA. Then, I tried signing up for the experflyer.com newsletter and it won't accept my long throttle address. This happens about 30% of the time, so is beyond frustrating, especially since I paid for Throttle with the understanding that shortened email addresses would be forthcoming (that was over 6 months ago already).

Why can't you guys come clean with your devoted users/fans? 


I might as well go along for the ride since I already paid, but won't be renewing. 

I hear that. The biggest problem is that most of us paid users have really devoted ourselves to the use of the product, and unwinding from it won't be easy. I have hundreds of subscriptions and am not looking forward to resubscribing with a different address. In other words, am still holding out some hope these guys have good intentions, but it doesn't look promising. I even tried connecting with Alex on Linked In, but no response. I have used abandoned products before, but never one I liked and needed as much as Throttle. A real shame. 

Throttle is on death-watch. Be clear about it. Live companies don't act like this. I'm sure they will shut down the server soon and "sunset" this thing. Move your essentials out now I mostly used it for random things and to that end, it was useful. The best hope is for it to get sold to a company who gives a shit. Readdle are the team behind Spark, the brilliant email client on iOS and Mac that ate Mail Pilot's lunch. Maybe they would buy the bones of this thing at a fire-sale price. If any of you running this Ghost Ship are reading, get on the plane to Slovenia or whenever Readdle are based in Eastern Europe and get a sale done. My two cents. 

Wow, I was really hoping against hope, but thanks for the push to make a list of all my subscriptions (that was a suggestion I had made months ago as well - to provide users with an easy to create export of all subscriptions).

Do you know of any comparable products out there? Sure seems like such a fundamental need and can't believe no one has tried to compete with them.

Again, i hope we are all just being paranoid, but they are giving us no reason not to feel that way.

It's not paranoia when it's your data! "Hope" is a sadly inappropriate emotional response when it comes to dying software - I have been here before! For sure, this is being read. If it's not, the lights are out. There is nothing comparable, sadly. Back to brute force methods, like shitty Gmail side-accounts, a really inelegant way to solve the problem. I'd love to roll my own solution, but I'm sure it's time-consuming and technical. Crazy to watch them snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they were almost over the line with the thing. 

I hear you loud and clear. Hell, I just went over my categories - I have well over a hundred subscriptions and just took screen shots of them all, but will be crazy time consuming to record the email address associated with each one in order to log into the necessary accounts if/when this thing dies. At least I have most of the key ones in Lastpass...

Throttle - if you are reading this thread, do you see how much we love your product, and what a difficult spot you have put us in?


We apologize again for the outage. Alex has been well aware of the issues at hand and has been hard at work behind the scenes to solve them. He has recently pushed fixes and posted an update to be viewed here: https://throttle.helprace.com/i301-we-re-back 

Please know that Throttle is alive and well.

We ran into a hiccup, as many young companies do, though we put our heads down and have since produced a solution to get our product back on track. I understand your doubts, and wish to relinquish those for you. Lack of proper communication has evidently been an issue for the duration of the past few weeks, and I look to solve that moving forward. 

Thank you for your endearing patience, and Happy Throttling.