Forward to my inbox not working

when i try to forward a message to my inbox the Yes forward button is there but \

when I click on it it does nothing does not work I tried a different browser and 

same thing to it is not my browser 


Stan Glaser

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Stan, it seems that this is a problem for all of our customers at the moment and we're working very hard to correct it. Thank you for your feedback, and I'll keep you posted here with any updates that I receive from the team.



I hope this is top priority - I have flight reservations, etc, that are stuck in Throttle. This is a big problem. 

David, this has certainly been our top priority and we're actually rolling out our fixes today.

There will be a forum-wide posting from Alex on the issue very soon (I will link it for you when it is live) including the next steps to take from here.

Thank you deeply for your patience with us to this point. We're doing everything we can to bring our product back into working order for our valued customers. 

UPDATE -- Here is the link to Alex's forum post. It just went live: https://throttle.helprace.com/i301-we-re-back