Not receiving Throttle Digests

I already opened a request 2 weeks ago (and at this point it was already a while ago that it stopped working). Still got no response and its still not working...

I don't receive digests anymore... time is selected.

Any chance this will get a fix or can i close my account right away?  ...

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Same Issue, checked my spam folder, some had gone in there, but i removed them and marked them as not spam. Still nothing for over 2 weeks

Daniel, we apologize once again for the broken feature. I know we've been saying the same thing about fixing this issue over the past couple weeks to no avail, though we've been balancing that error on top of our message forwarding functionality also being broken. 

Thankfully, today we've pushed our fixes for the message forwarding problem, and there will be a forum-wide announcement about that very soon. 

Now we have only the digests to tackle, and we look forward to resolving that as soon as we possibly can for you. However, if you'd still like to delete your account, I can do so permanently for you if you send an email to team@throttlehq.com including the email you used to set up your Throttle account.

I thank you for your patience to this point, and appreciate your business with us. We look forward to bringing all of our service back on track and once again providing what our customers deserve. 

Thank you.

Here is the link to the forum post on the message-forwarding fix, if you're interested: https://throttle.helprace.com/i301-we-re-back 

I am STILL not receiving my throttle digests, i havent received on since november. at this point im less interested in a fix then i am with easily closing my account to start receiving the messages, i found another tool that is the same concept but works much better and more consistently


Care to share the other service?