Throttle doesn't work

Since I bought throttle last month, it has not worked. I upgraded to pro because I was so excited about how wonderful this product would be, and now I know I've just wasted my $50. Don't buy this product. Not unless the developer shows some serious intention of turning this around.

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John, I'm sorry to hear your experience with Throttle hasn't been what you've expected to this point. We're a small team and have been experiencing some technical difficulties for the last few weeks.

With that said, we're pushing our fixes for the broken message forwarding feature today (there will be a forum-wide announcement on the issue very soon; I will link it for you if you like), and we expect to have the fixes for our digests out as soon as we possibly can. 

Once we pull our product back into working order, we have plans to further the development and roll out the features we once promised for our UX3 Throttle Version.

Please stay tuned. We thank you for your patience, and if there's anything I can do for you in the meantime, please reach out to team@throttlehq.com

Here is the link I mentioned, if you're interested: https://throttle.helprace.com/i301-we-re-back