We're back.

First, I sincerely apologize for the outages you all have experienced. Second, we're back - you’ll just need to take one quick step to restore digests (and other emails) on your account.

Throttle had an unusual volume of junk sent to random addresses on our servers since Black Friday. It was nothing that should surprise us in concept, but it certainly surprised our servers (causing the November server outages, which were fixed that month) and our email service provider, who I’ve been working with to restore deliverability.

We have restored deliverability, but you have to re-enable emails in your reading list. Besides restoring emails, we’re almost done bolstering everything following the massive onslaught of junk Throttle has been receiving. If we have another glitch or two as we work to update around these issues, I apologize in advance, and we’ll work extremely hard to avoid any amount of downtime.

Another reason digests and forwarded messages stopped working after the holiday was a spike in users marking auto-forwarded Throttle messages as spam, not realizing they actually came from Throttle. Because of this, we may have to find a new way to do automatic forwarding, so that it’s obvious who the sender is (Throttle), as a spam report hurts us, not the original sender of the message.

To avoid the shutdown from happening again, we turned off emails for everyone. You can turn them back on by simply logging in and clicking the confirm button that pops up in your reading list online. This keeps our server from sending email to any addresses not expecting or wanting it.

Also, outbound emails will be restricted to paid accounts only, for the foreseeable future, in the hopes that this keeps the problem from happening again — just remember: if a message was forwarded by or is from Throttle, don't mark it as spam. A few spam reports hosed our ability to send the emails paid customers expect and rely on, so limiting emails to paid accounts is an easy measure to ensure customers continue getting what they’re paying for.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding, and know we’re still working hard to make sure Throttle is firing on all cylinders for you in 2017.

Happy New Year, and here’s to less email in 2017!

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You guys still working on this Product? Anything we can do to help?

"outbound emails will be restricted to paid accounts only"

Just to be clear - does this mean Digests are now a paid-only feature or are you only refering to forwarding?

That's correct. Digests are only enabled on paid accounts, for the foreseeable future.

Whats the point of the free tier then? When I have to visit the throttle page to read the stuff i could also simply use a additional email account for all the newsletters and visit the webmail interface once in a while. (Plus i don't get issues in case throttle gets put on a trashmail blacklist)

While it's great to see you're back on track, I was a bit surprised to not hear anything from you via email, even though I had opened a support request when my digests stopped working. I'm guessing you were working hard on restoring functionality, but a little heads-up would have been nice.

I'm glad you seem to have things sorted out now, and I'm looking forward to having everything as snappy, useful and reliable as it was before.

Thomas - You should have gotten a response - did you email team@throttlehq.com? If so, we can check to make sure your messages aren't ending up in our support team's junk folder.

Yes, I sent a message to team@throttlehq.com on Dec 18, which hasn't been answered yet.