Are digests available for free accounts?

Hello. I signed up at Throttle in the beginning of 2016 but started using it just recently. I'm using the free version of Throttle and I've set up to receive digest emails at 1 pm. I however have never received an email digest. Is the digest email function also available for the free accounts? I want to update to a paid account, but I’ve sent two emails to support already and have not received a reply and also the not-receiving-digests issue is holding me up.


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Just this week we had to disable email digests on free accounts (info here).

If you upgrade your account, you'll start receiving digests.

That's weird, because I started using the service in the beginning of December and it's not just this week that I haven't received a digest. 

Anyway, I'll probably upgrade to Throttle Plus to try it out. Two more question - Plus has 100 authorizations and unlimited revokes. That means that if I revoke an address, I get an authorization position back, right? And are these 100 authorizations in addition to the 50 free ones I already got?


We were experiencing technical difficulties since the beginning of December, and Throttle was not fully operational for many of our customers. We have recently pushed a fix for those problems and the details regarding that fix are related in the hyperlink posted by Alex above.

As for the authorizations, unfortunately no. You have 100 total authorizations to create over the course of your Plus account. A revoke will not replenish your authorizations. Those authorizations also do not add to the 50 you currently have in the Free plan.

With that said, I highly encourage you to give Throttle a try. It's features will not disappoint you!