No Digest Emails


I haven't had a digest email from throttle - ever. Something must be wrong. 

Also, I paid for professional yearly on Dec 22, but my account does not have professional functions. And given my experience with the usefulness of throttle (i've now missed an important linkedIn message because I did not get a digest email to know that it was there), I'm thinking i'd rather a refund of my profession subscription. 

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I can provide a refund of your Pro subscription if you like, but we're currently working out the issue at hand. We've had a few other customers report the same situation. We apologize for the inconvenience and I will keep you updated on this thread as we gather more information. 


Hi Josh, 

Yes please, do process the refund of the Pro subscription (since it hasn't actually been given to my account anyway). Please make a note to let me know when your issues have been sorted - when Throttle is working as it's supposed to, I may well purchase pro again as it looks to have a lot of promise. 


We've determined what the issue is and I can get you on your Pro account + a pro-rated refund for the time lost since December 22nd, if you please.

I apologize for holding off on the full refund, though I knew we'd have an answer within the week and I didn't want to trouble you with re-subscribing. However, if you still want the full refund, I can do so for you.

Let me know!