Can not forward to my email

I have an email with an attachment which I need to get to from Throttle. I've tried forwarding that email along to my actual email account so I can get to the attachment but when I try to do so nothing happens other than a modal coming up that says "Forward message to your inbox? ... You have 5 manual forwards left today....." I click on the "Yes, forward it!" button but nothing happens. I really need to get to the contents of this email. Am I missing anything? I do see an error coming from the console:

https://throttlehq.com/api/v1/email/{id}/forward 400 (Bad Request)

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Eddie, do you happen to be on a Free account currently?

If so, I'm sorry to inform that we changed our tier policy over the holiday break in retaliation to the down-time we experienced, and Free accounts are no longer enabled for any sort of out-bound mail; this includes message forwarding and receiving digests. We did this so we can prioritize our paying customers and ensure they receive the messages that are vital to them through our product (Read more about it here). I'm sorry for the inconvenience and will help any way I can.

If you are in fact on a paid plan, then I'll look into this and get it resolved for you immediately.

I have a pro account and none of my forwards are showing up in my email or spam folders.  How do I get this resolved?

Are you not receiving your digests either, or is it just forwards?

Just the forwards.  

We'll have to dig into the specific messages then to see what's going on - just shoot us an email to team@throttlehq.com and I'll take a look!

I also have a pro account but am unable to manually forward individual emails. When I try, I get the message "Forwarding temporarily disabled due to too many spam reports. Please get in touch with us at team@throttlehq.com for help retrieving a specific message." I have never even used this feature before, let alone sent spam from it!