manually generate an address for apps that are not browser based.

I have been a user of Throttle and Throttle Pro ever since the beginning. I love it.

I did some looking on the forums about generating email addresses  and know about the browser extension feature. That works great, btw.

However, there are situations where a newsletter sign up field exists in an application that was just installed. Example: I just installed Binary Nights' ForkLift 3 and the Welcome window has an email sign up request. See attached screenshot.

What's the best way to use a Throttle generated email address in this situation?

I know the email address generation feature requires a domain, I am just not sure how we can do this with Throttle for this "offline" use case.


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Unfortunately there isn't functionality for generating Throttle addresses in an offline use-case at the moment, though this is an interesting situation for us to look into. Are there any other applications that you would like to have this functionality for specifically?