More unplanned maintenance?

So here I am kicked out of my account due to unplanned maintenance. This basically prevents me from resetting passwords, finding the randomized email address I used for a website and otherwise checking emails for the duration of the downtime which has been known to be a day or more in the past.

Could it perhaps be possible to give an explanation of what happened which forced you to take the system down? Perhaps you could even use a newsletter?

As noted in another thread it's been more than 8 months or so since the last update. As a Pro customer, I don't know if you guys are actually improving anything. I have two reported bugs that have yet to be fixed and no knowledge on what your product roadmap is. I think it would be nice if you were more transparent about things. It's things like this that have caused me to slowly move accounts OFF of this service.

UPDATE - Maintenance seems to be over, but the problem still stands.

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Throttle is a nice idea but I'm starting to get a bad feeling that it's just too ambitious for the existing team. Nothing, as far as I can tell, is changing, evolving, updating, improving... I'm still hoping for the best.

Derick, we apologize for the inconvenience you experienced due to maintenance downtime. We'll try to provide ample notice to avoid situations like this in the future. 

When it comes to Throttle updates: we're doing our best to ensure the release of new features are seamless and won't cause any system errors or widespread issues as what happened over the holiday season. They're on the way, and they'll be worth the wait. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience on this matter. Feel free to post here or message directly to team@throttlehq.com with any further questions or concerns.