Please increase the number of categories from 15

I feel that it is unfair to cap the number of categories on a paying account at 15. When there is no search function with the service, categories are the only way to sift through the emails. I was unpleasantly surprised to find that there is no search function, then was happy to at least have categories when I found that feature. But now I am just dismayed when I discovered the cap at 15. $60 per year is a substantial amount to spend and doesn't seem to warrant that cap.

If I find that Throttle works for me over a longer term I will obviously have to upgrade to Pro, but I feel that other features need to be addressed before I do that, such as the implementation of a robust search feature and the ability to put email streams into more than one category.

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John, thank you for your feedback. We will certainly consider your inquiry as we want all of our paying customers to get the most out of our product. In addition, I'd like to point out that the paid accounts do indeed have a 'Search' function.

Go to one of your categories or to "All Messages." It is located directly above the most recent messages on your Reading List, and is in a light gray font with a magnifying glass icon next to it. If you still need help locating it, please send a screenshot and I'll identify it for you.