Upgrade to Throttle Pro with credit of credit of Throttle plus


i'm already using Throttle plus and paid it for a year in November '16. 
Now i want to upgrade to PRO, but in consideration of an rebated price, regarding the paid Plus-Plan in advance.

Would that be possible?

Greetings. Jack

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Hey there, Jack. If you want to upgrade from PLUS to PRO at a rebated price, you can do so here. When you upgrade, you'll automatically be charged the rebated price you're looking for. 

If you happen to encounter any kind of error, or are charge more than expected, simply let me know and we'll make sure it's fixed from our end! Thanks for the support!

Hello Josh,

sorry, but i'm getting the price of $99 

Hey Jack - it should charge you $99 and start your first year of Pro immediately, but issue you a pro-rated refund on your last subscription.

If anything goes wrong, just message us with the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the app, and we'll fix it!