I'd like to cancel my account

see subject.

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Just shoot us an email to team@throttlehq.com!

I'm extremely curious as to why...

@noah, well, since I had an account already on a different mailaddress, I had to cancel the other one to keep it from being sent! Nothing more than that!

To give some feedback on the tool:

- I love it's simplicity in design

- Finally a way to receive mail 'anonymously', restarting a new e-mail address every year or two gets tiresome after a while, throttle is a great way to get rid of spam.

- Implementation is super easy thanks to the chrome plugin


- All the different mail addresses give me a bit of headaches on sign up on devices where password managers aren't available or synced

- The 'tie in', once you use Throttle, it's hard or impossible to return to the old situation. Which is great for Throttles' business model, but less so for my user experience. 


@Kees - Interesting, thanks for the feedback!

On your negatives - we'll have solutions out for all of your devices soon. We're working hard on them! And on your second one, you could use a custom domain if you want to ensure you can easily migrate away from the service (by setting up a catchall). If that isn't the issue, let me know what is, as I'd love to ensure your user experience is top priority, especially when ensuring the core concept works well!


Interested in the first solution, keep me posted, you've got my address ;-)

on the second one, well, that's what kept me from signing up in the first place - there's hardly a turning back once you go 'full throttle', it will take more time / negative energy to restore everything again once you quit throttle. Having that option but only through a higher paid plan sounds... the other way around? 

I'll be happy to have a custom domain for those things, that sound great. I'll be the first to test that!