Throttle Pro Beta Expansion

Today, we're completing the initial Throttle Pro featureset. Share and vote on thoughts and ideas on the new Throttle user voice platform, which we're reading dilligently.

We're also expanding the Pro beta to every paid customer. Enjoy :)

Here's what you've got in your Throttle Pro beta.

  • Individual Forwarding (+ attachment support)
    You can forward any individual message to your inbox once if you need to do anything further with it, like replying, saving attachments, or archiving. To do this, open a message in your reading list, and click the envelope icon at the bottom, right of the column on the left.
  • Instant Forwarding
    You can opt to have all of your received messages sent along to your inbox instantly instead of combined into a daily digest. Choose this option on the settings page under "Daily Digest". You get all the same benefits of individual forwarding, like receiving attachments, but you lose the benefit of reducing interruptions throughout your day.
  • Custom Domains
    You can have all of your generated addresses "". Why you might want to do this, and how to set it up are all described on the settings page, under "Custom Domains".
  • Digests for Multiple Email Accounts
    Want one category's digest to go to your personal email address, and another to your work? Now it's possible - add more email addresses in Settings, and in the new category digest settings, choose custom to select any of your added addresses.

Also, this update includes a lot of under-the-hood enhancements for categories and digests for everyone. Things should work even more smoothly now.

Finally, thanks for being a Throttle customer, and for joining us in this endeavor to make email better for everyone. We look forward to continuing to solve problems in your life in 2016! And don't forget to give us your feedback!