How to set up a Custom Digest

With Categories, you can have Custom Digests that are daily or weekly, at any hour (they don't have to be a part of your regular Daily Digest), and for Pro users, they can even be sent to different email addresses (i.e. work vs. personal).

It's a great way to get the mail you want when you want it. Use Custom Digests to:

  • Read news & conversation-starters every morning — by categorizing all of your daily news notifications to arrive in your inbox at 8 am.
  • Get newsletters from local venues right before the weekend — set it for Friday, and you'll always have something to do for the weekend.
  • Receive shopping-related emails weekly — instead of in your daily digest.
  • Curate a weekly digest of content to schedule for social media — you can craft your own content curation service.


Let's see how to set one up.

First, open a category in your reading list, and click the digest descriptor in the top, right of the window.


If you have your Daily Digest turned on, you'll see these tabs (if it's off, you'll simply see "Off" and "On"). Click "Custom Digest" (or "On").


Select a day — daily, or a specific day of the week — and a time, then click "Save".

You'll now receive a new digest separate from your daily digest! Categories sent as a part of your daily digest, and custom digests sent at the same time, will be sent in a single digest email together, but sectioned out within the digest email.

You're one step closer to full email productivity and reclaiming your time from the daily monotony. Congrats!